LUJAGo – ‘Carbon Black’ Outdoor Running Arm Sleeves

“Perfect for outdoor sports when you need support and warmth without compromising the comfort during extended durations.”

LUJAGo Outdoor Running Arm Sleeves – are perfect for Autumn and Winter outdoor runs when you need warmth and protection.
Especially when it is not yet practical to wear a full base layer top but when you need something to maintain your body temperature on your arms.

Moisture wicking fabric helps you keep dry and comfortable even during long runs as it directs sweat away and helps retain fabric breathable. Material composition in this product has been carefully selected after multiple tests rounds to determine a best possible mix of fabric types for outdoor runners. During our selection process fabrics have been tested and measured against key attributes such as moisture wricking qualities, anti odour, anti bacterial, UV protection, compression strength/compression points, breathability, and heath retention qualities to name few. Similarly you can be assured that this product is designed for maximum comfort in mind with flat seams to avoid skin irritation while having a strong anti-slip rubber band to provide good fit even on long runs.

Graduate compression is designed not for maximum strength but to allow tight fit providing consistent pressure on key muscles promoting speedy recovery. These long arm sleeves with special thump finger cut are designed for outdoor runners in mind, but are equally well fit for cycling, basketball, tennis, fishing, boating and golfing due to fingerless design allowing a strong grip on sporting equipments.


Key Benefits:

  • AUTUMN/WINTER – Warmth and Protection for Cold weather Season Outdoor running
  • RUNNERS DESIGN – Long sleeves with strong rubber band for maximum stability without skin irritation
  • LIGHT & STRONG – Light weight, Moisture Wicking and Breathable fabric with flat seems for Comfort
  • BOOSTED RECOVERY – Compression tightness designed for tight fit promoting shortened recovery
  • FINGERLESS – All fingers free allowing a strong but precise grip on sporting equipments


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LUJAGo by Team Jami Production