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LUJAGo - Outdoor Running Arm Sleeve

LUJAGo Outdoor Running Arm Sleeves are perfect for Autumn and Winter outdoor runs when you need warmth and protection. These long arm sleeves are designed for outdoor runners in mind, but are equally well fitted for cycling, basketball, tennis, fishing, boating and golfing due to fingerless design allowing a strong grip on sporting equipments.

Light and Strong

Light weight, Moisture Wicking and Breathable fabric with smooth seams to prevent skin irritation and for maintaining a steady body temperature during your outdoor activities.

Protective Fabric

Fabric is carefully selected and tested for anti-odour, anti-bacterial, UV protection, heath retention qualities and even against mosquito bites for maximum protection.

Helps Recovery

Fabric compression tightness is designed not for maximum strength but to allow a tight fit promoting shortened recovery while maintaining comfortable wearing experience.

Designed with Love

We are a family run small business aiming to provide products that we LOVE to other like minded people. We have designed this product with great care and passion for outdoor running.


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